Lord Twins

Received these lovelies today . First of many Sheezels

Pack 1 J Fletcher DP Signature 172/175, P2 BL LP12 126/425,U22 N Blakey 86/195
P3 Hollands RC 91/425, Z Merrett 33/60, P4 S Black HOF, P5 M Rowell LP89 409/425, P6 Wallace HOF , P7 Oliver LP 354/425
P8 Cats checklist LP 78/425, P9 J Lloyd LP 340/425, P10 Pendlebury LP 370/425, P11 W Johnston HOF, P12 G Phillips HOF, P13 Maynard Cornerstone 67/85, P14 Hugh Bond DP 80/90, Ziebell LP332/425
P15 Steele TL 105/200, Naitanui 406/425, P16 Shai Bolton PDraft 51/100,P17 M Williams HOF, P18 Ziebell Legacy 11/35
P 19 Barker HOF, P20 J Macrae LP 19/425, P21 Fyfe LP 382/425, B Dempsey HOF 157/290, P22 J Lloyd TL 131/200, P23 HOF, P24 Dawson LP 307/425
Received these back today I didn’t know they kept the Brilliance redemptions. Think it’s a good thing .They didn’t do it with the previous Brilliance redemptions though

My son and I opened a box of Legacy today which we purchased on eBay. As Roo boys pretty good box I must say

So my son and I decided to open on old legacy box from Select . Icl would have been cursing as my son got a second GWS dp in the second last pack. So I got the very last pack

Having a good run finally just opened a 2023 box series one and received this .Also found a Lachie Neale Brownlow redemption which I forgot about
Had a bet on the tennis and lost so to make myself a bit happier opened a 2022 Jumbo box for standard results and decided to open my first gem box first pack .Might open another olde box seeing as we are on a run
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I don’t win on lotto but since I touched that Buddha at the lotto shop I have been pulling some ripper cards out my ass lol Purchased that gem box on eBay too. Still have the 2 Select one’s unopened for another day
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