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Had to put this card I received today from Select as it is so Beautiful. Love the older player signature cards. Scan is a bit blurry, looks better in hand.

Yes the Kennedy was a surprise nice card that one. Off point re Dustin Martin cards I was thinking other he only has 2 signature cards right? Maybe whoever said but maybe he does not sign . I said before he will get a hof sig one day but maybe also a high end sig in one of the higher end products.
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Pretty happy I purchased that Max Gawn Captain signature a while back he was unbelievable last night. Also have a Melbourne Brownlow card from this yr too I think.
Thought I would open a box of Optimum tonight pack 1 to 12. OP Fleeton RC ,Gold Headliner Duursma 21/25 happy with that, Dogs OP, Specialist Wallis Dogs 02/80, OPP Jonas 07/115, OPP Richmond, OP Ellis, OP Short, OP Jonas.
Packs 13 to 24 . Parker OP, Headliner Hipwood 45/95, OP Petracca, Logan McDonald Copper Signature 40/170, OP A Brayshaw , OP Crows, OP T Kelly, Sam Berry Gold Sig 56/85, OP C Guthrie, OP Tarrant, OPP Steele
Picked this up today. Along with The King , my favourite all time player. Absolute beautiful card from equal best Select set along with the Captains imo.

Received these in the mail today. My first booklet, pretty impressive card . Plus Brownlow leader of Scott Pendlebury one of my favourite sets as it is an actual photo.

Pretty appropriate being Grand Final day , picked this up from the mail today .

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