Lord Twins

Received this back from Select today ripper card

hey absti, what's the story with the D Jarman? what release is this? we're did u obtain from? ... (got alot of respect for Darren as a player,was a game changing gun in his day.
I just found it on ebay and liked the look of it . It is only numbered to 20 produced by SA Card Collectors. Might check to see if they have any others. It really is a lovely card. He was a great player too..
interesting...the card has a 'supremacy' look to it and is really striking with the Roosters guernsey. Great pick up..congrats 👏
These arrived today , still have a number of these to redeem found some I haven’t opened either . Great looking cards . Redemptions aren’t returned with these should they do that with all redemptions now ?
This arrived today Footy’s Finest are great cards signed versions would be pretty nice too if they had them
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