Looking for damaged patch and auto cards


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Adding to the below,

I was going through my limited stuff and have a small amount of damaged cards that no one would buy or trade for, was wondering if anyone might have some laying around that would like to take a small donation for the card. I am not expecting Durant autos, but if you have something and wish to unload it, let me know, I just like autos and to me, the auto is more important than the card condition. I also love patches and have a few that the fronts are crimped due to the processing by the card companies and we all know how much they love to fix cards... So feel free to contact myself if you have any of the above.

Looking for some old fellas, like semi stars, maybe made one all star team, or just some blokes that signed a card that no one has any interest in. I have been out for a while and looking to get some autos, short print, patches of the long in the tooth players... Not looking to spend huge money for them, i just want to have one auto of every player that is available from the 60's-90's Low end is fine as i just want the auto with or without game used (cough).

Also looking for anything Knicks that is NOT base. Again, looking to just add to what I have and it can be of any year. Does not need to be high end and willing to buy bulk. Again, looking for Short Print, GU, Patches and Autos.

I am willing to buy and not trade. However if you come to me with DUMB prices, I will say politely NO, its the knicks, some are of value, the rest are not.

Send me a message with what you have and a price please....


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Hi Mike,
You may be interested in my Bird, Malone, Stockton on ebay at the moment. just listed today.
Happy to deal off ebay.
I will have a look through my collection for knicks too.
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