Hilton Armstrong Letterman set and Black Auto


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David Doherty
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Hi everyone,

I used to be a member here under a different name but I can't remember the password and don't have the email anymore (bigsarg7).

I am currently moving house and found some old cards I had from the collecting days. If anyone is interested, let me know. I remember discussions around at the time and the letterman cards not 99 of each number but 99 combined and 10 combined if that makes sense.

I have no idea what I'll be able to get and know they're not worth that much given the player.
A- #10/10
R- #12/99
M- #29/99
S- #02/99
T- #4/10
R- #5/10
O- #94/99
N- #51/99
G- #24/99

U/D Black Auto- #15/15

Armstrong  black.jpg

Armstrong 1.jpg

Armstrong 2.jpg

Armstrong 3.jpg
I have his logoman rookie unscripted auto… if you want to move these fairly cheap I might be interested. Send me a pm
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