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Hi peeps,

Just seeing what people’s thoughts are regarding some old hawks cards I have. Trying to figure if it’s better to hold on to them for longer hoping they go up or if I should just sell now. I have the following cards.

Lance Franklin 2005 Dynasty Platinum jumper number 023/130

Complete hawks draft set in 2005 Dynasty
In 002/130 which includes Jarryd Roughead jumper number 02. Set includes Jordan Lewis, Jarryd Roughead, Lance Franklin, Thomas Murphy and Matt little selling as set.

Cyril Rioli 2008 Platinum draft jumper number 033/100 also the following Cyril platinum drafts 002,003,006,009,010,013
Cyril 08 gold draft 014/400 & 019/400

Lance Franklin Coleman medal sig 002/200

2012 club logo patch Luke Hodge jumper number 015

2013 Jordan Lewis prime draft 002/145

2005 Lance Franklin draft pick sig 002/600

2012 Brad Hill draft sig jumper number 010/300 as well as 002,004,006,007,008,019

Isaac smith 2011 draft sig 011/275

Leigh Mathew’s HOF sig 016/110

Complete Master set of the original 2012 Future Force. All gold and green signatures

Joe Daniher 30/30 Gold sig
Joe Daniher 150/150 Green sig

Complete Master set of 2013 Future Force. All gold & Ref signatures.

If you have any questions feel free to ring me if I don’t answer here as I’m not online here much.

Brad 0413800162
Also have Leigh Mathew’s case card 006 & Leigh Mathew’s case card signature 006

Peter Hudson HOF sig 086/110

Peter Hudson 02 Legend signature 006/100

2008 premiership predictor
2013 premiership predictor 002/450
2015 premiership predictor 002/600 3peat
sounds to me like a pretty pimp collection mate, alot of low numbers and hard to find for a hawks collector.
few things...
re-post this in the AFL section- you will get more eyes and hit the hawk collectors straight up.(good number of hawk Boys over there)
Hold or sell= that's all you mate, your collection/ your decision
Thanks mate, got really in to collecting a long time ago and spent a lot of time and money to put it all together. Cheers for the advice legend :)
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