Different sized top loaders/penny sleeves


New Zealand
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David Dawkins
Hi all,

I am really struggling to get hold of any top loaders and penny sleeves that are not standard size here in NZ.

Before I buy new from the US or Australia I figured I'd throw it out here to see if anyone had some second hand ones they wanted to off load.

I am mainly after top loaders and sleeves for 1969-70/1970-71 Topps tall boy cards (2 1/2 × 4 11/16") as well as '90s Jam Session and Topps Hi Topps.

Could also use some tobacco card supplies and a few 3 1/2×5".

To get really random, also a couple for 1948 Bowman which are 2 1/8 x 2 1/2".

Keen to see what is out there.

Mate, those are specialty top loaders, you will mostly find them in dribs and drabs on ebay from the States.

Good luck in your search.
They're not that hard to find. I just bought some for tall boys and tobacco cards off The Traders.

I can get them from BCW anytime I want too.

Just wanted to avoid buying from the US and get second hand if anyone had some lying around.
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