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First of all, apologies is this is the wrong place for this question and please let me know if there is a more appropriate place to ask this.

I have about 400 or so NBA trading cards in a folder i would like to either sell or dispose of. They are from the '90-'95 era. I have no clue about the value of these cards, or the process one would take to learn this. The cards are all Top Deck and Upper Deck, with some random others thrown in. After a quick search it looks like most cards are worth between a few dollars up to about $50 or so.

Just wondering what the next step should be towards unloading these? Is there somewhere i can post a bunch of photos and understand approximate value per card?
Welcome. Post pictures here, especially of what you have identified as the more expensive ones.

You probably don't need to post pics of 200 base Collector's Choice or Hoops cards as they have little value.

Insert cards, better rookie cards and anything with Michael Jordan are going to be your best bets to return any value from that era.

(Hope that makes some sense.)
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