Card Crazy - Shortland Street

I think if I answered honestly I'd probably offend you and I don't want to do that. It's a specific card for a specific buyer. I'd like to have it to finish my set, however, finishing my shorthand street set really isn't a must do for me. If I had a house fire and that set was burned and lost, right now, I'd lose no sleep over it. It's a card I will ask for but I don't think I fit into the pool of serious shortland street fans wanting to pay what you seek. You'd have to throw a price out there to see if anyone bites, myself doing so, would just be offensive to you and subsequently embarrassing to myself. Full respect for keeping hold of it for this long!
Hi Justin,I have three of the above card,I have One that has sample on back in gold foil and two other,have included pictures,happy to sell/trade


How much are you wanting for a wedding card
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