Black Mamba in Melbourne!


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Did anyone get a chance to meet Kobe or attend his event last week in Melbourne? Since Australia is just a stones throw from Papua New Guinea I made the trip to have the once in a lifetime meet and greet with Kobe!

I have to say I felt bad for all the hardcore Lakers and Kobe fans who paid $2000 meet and greet tickets in the first release and then a week before the event ticket prices came down to $650 which is what I paid. And to be honest all those who paid $2000 didn’t even get any special treatment in fact my line that paid $650 went first to meet Kobe!

Anyway I’m happy I got to meet the closest human being on that planet that’s like Michael Jordan, no doubt many argue would be in the top 5 or top 10 greatest of all time.

I brought Kobe a traditional PNG bilum with the PNG flag but the organisers wouldn’t allow any gifts to be given to I wore it instead :cool:

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