2020-21 prizm epl cereal box x11 and 2021-22 prizm epl jumbo x4


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Boxes courtesy of @dacardworld.com. 25 short of 2020-21 set. 2021-22 base set complete, red white and blue prizm set just 60 short.


What did the postage set you back? I recently looked at their site for some hockey boxes that were priced well but the cheapest postage for one hobby box was $80+USD which is a deal breaker.

The curious thing is that if you it from them on ebay the postage is $30USD for the exact same box.
That's why I buy bulk. Postage normally starts at around US$75, then varies after that. But, I do have a customer account with them, so that may affect the price. As to the ebay difference, is the ebay box price the same as the store price?
No. It's about $60USD higher but they do have a best offer available. I thought about offering them the same price as their store price which was $220USD. In short. If they accepted $40 less with a BO it would be slightly better to buy from them through ebay even with the GST that ebay charges. The point I'm making is if they can post for $30 on ebay why are they charging $80 on their site?

The box I was looking at was $220 USD plus $80 postage on their site. On ebay the item is $280 and postage $30.

Cheers for the info.
That's good to hear. I'm pretty sure I only bought from them once during covid. I bought some 80's junk wax and the postage was double the cost of the boxes which were $40. I'll look into it as they do have a good range but it's been about 18 months since I bought anything from the US because of the postage.

I used blow out heaps in 2018 and 2019 and then Steel City for a few years. The latter had postage starting around $45USD which is reasonable. It's probably gone up since but it hurts to shell out $100USD just for postage and that's what it would cost for 3 or 4 hobby boxes. I don't know what crazy formulation they use but with SCC you'd add in a blaster to a 6 box order and the postage would go up by $10, etc.

Cherry have benefitted immensely from me not buying in the US. And that sucks because I have never hit anything really decent with them. Call it conspiratorial thinking but I do believe the big boys over there get access to the good stuff and little Oz gets the meh.

All my big hits, bar one which came from a local shop in WA, have come from either BO, SCC or Laytons.

I'll look into it. They sure have all the wax you could want. Again cheers for the info.
Not a problem. With Dave and Adams, they have set a minimum buy for international customers at US$200 in store - purely because of the shipping. As to the shipping price, that's all on the service provider (in da's case, ups).
Gotcha. For me it's a no brainer getting newer hockey wax from cherry because of the postage costs but if you want older wax you have to go to the big three and paying $80USD postage for a $220 hobby box is a killer. If it was a $100USD for three boxes that's ok but from memory the postage rises quickly the more boxes you get.

Anyway, after the amount of money I have spent on wax in the last 3 months I have to put the whip away for some time - easier said than done. It's crushing when you spend $500 and get $100 worth of cards - if that. Just brutal.
Have you got a list of the cards you are missing from 2020-21? I have a few laying about.
I do. And I can access now. Here we go....
#5 Luke shaw
28 lys mousset
32 David luiz
57 James tarkowski
75 Wilfred zaha
85 oriole romeu
89 Che Adams
125 Marc albrighton
135 keleche iheanacho
138 conor coady
159 tanguy ndombele
182 Aaron Cresswell
193 andriy yarmalenko
205 Ian poveda
208 Rodrigo moreno
212 cesar azpilicueta
213 Billy gilmour
227 Fabian schar
232 Miguel almiron
237 Sean lingstaff
247 georginho wynaldum
250 baby keita
269 Callum Robinson
270 Hal robson-kanu
289 Harrison reed
292 Tom cairney
300 Aleksandr mitrovic
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