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    Buying Evan Fournier

    Bump. Still chasing Evan Fournier cards. Thanks at all for your help. Regards. Tiphaine
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    First mailday since August 2017!!!!!!!

    Your back i'm back at one point Always à pleasure to read you. Beautiful mailday skip
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    Buying Evan Fournier

    Thanks Gary but my son already got it. Best wishes
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    Buying Evan Fournier

    Awesome ! Surely my son will love it !
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    Buying Evan Fournier

    Hi Aussie Friends ! I'm buying Evan Fournier for my son. If you want to see his collection take a look here : Thanks at all . Regards Tiphaine
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    Want Evan fournier cards for my Son !

    Bump ! thanks to all my Aussie friends for all the deals we've made together !
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    Incoming Immaculate and Preferred Maildays

    Hi ! I have pm you about the Fournier ! Wish this card will come to my son collection ! Big hello at all my aussie friends . tiphaine
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    Want Evan fournier cards for my Son !

    No Fournier cards in Australia ? Thanks in advance
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    Want Evan fournier cards for my Son !

    Hi Aussie friends , Several of you know me, i know there is a long time that's i havn't been here but the life is some times crazy .... So I still searching Evan Fournier cards for my Son who has now 10 years old . It will be great that's Aussie members participate...
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    Y'all Reddy for this?!

    Always think about my aussie Bro, just the life is so crazy and busy that's i don't take the time to share more with you ! Will mail you this week end with new pics . Big hadouken
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    Y'all Reddy for this?!

    Very nice addition to your Pc my Skip ! Always a pleasure to watch your mailday!
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    Please delete

    Hi Ben , I take the Plate of Fournier for my son !!! Please send me the paiement détails. Thanks Tiph'
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    Floor General Mailday (lowish end - definitely no All-Stars!)

    Always a pleasure to read your comments ! like my skip ;)
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    An Immaculately Flawless Mail Day

    So Crazy My Friend ! Happy for you ! Very beautiful cards here
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    Not just another "I'm quiting the hobby" thread

    Best Wishes for you Norm and for your family and if you choose to spend relax time in my sweet country you and your family will be always welcome at my home ! Take care of you, i'm glad to had the great chance to know you. tiphaine