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  • do you want to trade with me i have got match attax cards hundred club wanye rooney, man of the match, limited edition, showboats, star signing and star player i like liverpool not man u. send me a email if you want to trade with me. thanks cheers! please send me a email i havent got much. seeya!
    no sorry, no position cards atm. still building the actual team. havnt played ina while as im not eligable for any single player tournaments.
    oh so you hadnt seen it yet. i was stoked when it happened. i caught the first half then at half time fell asleep on the lounge watching leyton hewit in the tennis, i missed the second half, heard he did a free kick that was really good cant find it on youtube yet but yeh really happy for him.
    In case you didn't get my messages I got the cards yesterday so could you please Complete our trade thread and give me feedback.


    yay lol i wanted them to win so bad, btw i am keen for a trade with the rooney, i have also have a 2006 rooney metal do you have that? ill send a full pm with details and pics this arvo ok i have to go to the dentist soon
    Hi Warney, I only trade/sell Select AFL Footy Cards. I don't have too much on offer at the moment as I am waiting for the 2nd series to come out, usually about June...Come them I have stacks, I have only 1 set of cards up at the moment and it is pretty rare..I have a complete set of 1996 Hall of Fame Premiers cards in a complete 'UNCUT' sheet...my Ebay id is kannaman25 if you want to have a look, things will pick up for me after june...Thansk for you question though
    Hey mate,
    I've got
    Luke Young,
    Michel Salgado
    and Ashley Young i-Card.
    If your intersted give us a bell.
    Justin b
    Nice stuff mate, Check my tradelist, i could trade 2 I cards for any of your i cards i need if you want.
    Can't wait for christmas i have a 100 pack box coming in from the UK :)
    Hey mate
    How would you sell your Javier Mascherano Limited edition for?
    I can buy and chuck in some cards.
    Please LMK i would love to add it to my collection.
    Eddie :)
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