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  • yeah,
    my bank details are:
    bank: anz
    acc name: Daniel McMahon
    bsb: 013011
    acc: 762719900

    whats your address so i can send?

    not much really, except for a couple of them.
    how about $7 and the legacy card for the lot?

    I don't have a 1996 series 2 checklist, card #200, I may know where I can get one, will check with a mate on Monday.
    the starquest i have are first edition, and the ones i have you need are:
    carmelo, baron davis, frazier, jefferson, oden, roy and lbj.
    what else do you have to offer?
    I'll be tring to get my wishlist updated this week, i also need to add a tradelist onto it too as i do have plenty of stuff to move.
    No problems Chris, I am available most every day, I am the home husband, I don't work anymore.............:( my number is 0400 501 863.
    Chris.......I am in Marsden...........reason I asked is that I usually extend an invite to new and local OCT members to come and have a look thru my PC if they want, I also have heaps of cataloged and un-cataloged cards from the early years until the current releases, all my commons etc are freebies.

    I pretty much set my start date as the start of the joint venture so i'm after all Wests Tigers cards. Previously i was a Magpies supporter but going back in cards pre-1999 would cost a fortune and take a long time to complete so the joint venture seems as good as any time to start the collection from :)
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