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    12-13 Playoffs - SPOILERS INSIDE

    No worries, sorry mate took it the other way ;) very ugly for LA now
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    12-13 Playoffs - SPOILERS INSIDE

    No definitely watching the game - 30 seconds to go first quarter was Bonner's first three on Jamison's slow rotation. 1.30 to go in 2nd quarter was Bonner's second three on Pau's rotation when Ginobili passed in the air from memory. Bonner has time on Dwight but Dwight spends very little time...
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    12-13 Playoffs - SPOILERS INSIDE

    Not many could play TD while he is playing like this, as for red mamba that's Pau not Dwight's match up
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    Best Wife Ever!!!!!

    That is awesome Adam, had massive grin just reading about your present! I might win Tattslotto and come with you guys ;) I don't imagine I would be 3rd wheel at all :whistle:
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    Jr smith 1/1 contenders 12/13

    Hey mate, how are you? ozballer23 is a JR Smith collector and would be interested I reckon :thumbsup:
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    Entire Ekpe Udoh PC $275 DLVD tonight only!!

    Bump, title says it all :thumbsup:
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    Entire Ekpe Udoh PC $275 DLVD tonight only!!

    Not sure actually mate, I have pretty much cleaned out everything actually. I think I will concentrate on this wedding and then when I'm back from the honeymoon in April get back into it for good :thumbsup:
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    Entire Ekpe Udoh PC $275 DLVD tonight only!!

    Hey all, I am now hoping to move my entire Ekpe Udoh PC without breaking it up. I will have it on here for a week or so, but if I get no bites then I will head to eBay. All up there are 46 cards including: 38 from his rookie year (2010-11), 25 autos, 4 patches, a laundry tag and a NBA...
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    Completed cwnobes & Eugene

    cwnobes gets: PayPal gift Eugene gets: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - 2012-13 Totally Certified Rookie Roll Call Autographs Agree mate? Cheers, Cal
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    Completed cwnobes & ozballer23

    cwnobes gets: PayPal gift ozballer23 gets: Anfernee Hardaway - 2010-11 Classics Membership Materials #/499 Greivis Vasquez - 2010-11 Playoff Contenders Patches Terrence Ross - 2012-13 Prestige Prestigious Picks Signatures Agree mate? Cheers, Cal