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    In Progress cp4142 & May-Z

    CP get $$ May-Z gets 98/99 Select Cricket uncut sheet Good?
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    ShipMyCards - USA Address and Shipping Service

    could someone please give me a rough estimate, and i know it will only be a guess, as to the Fedex charges for deliveries to Australia, of a 800ct box of singles, or a few blasters?? would it be $20/$50/$150?
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    Rowell Influential #03/40 & Bronze DPS, B Smith Headliner

    Matt Rowell INFLUENTIAL numbered 03/40 - $1300 Brodie Smith HEADLINER #95/95 - $40 Henry Smith DPS Bronze #34/170 - $30 Ollie Lord DPS Bronze #165/170 - $35 Postage $4/$8 registered.
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    Preorder basketball boxes thread

    Yep. Had that ready. Still missed out. has to be bots. Couldn’t physically have been quicker. Only wanted a couple.
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    Preorder basketball boxes thread

    Select Blasters all gone within 20seconds. Unbelievable.
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    Melbourne Lockdown Project - Chasing commons

    Updated for Melbourne Lockdown 5
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    2020 Dominance - Modra High Flyer & E.Yeo Dominance

    Postage $7 Registered. Elliott Yeo Dominance 47/60 - $325 Modra High Flyer 58/60 - $325
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    Melbourne Lockdown Project - Chasing commons

    Not much to do in lockdown other than sort cards. If anyone can help out be most appreciative. Will pay/trade 5:1 whatever if you can take the time to help with these incomplete base sets. Surely I'm not the only one left completing base sets?? 2021 Prestige - 23(docherty), 39 (heppell), 82...
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    Supremacy 2021

    Billy Brownless has signed cards.
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    Preorder basketball boxes thread

    Same story. Got Prizm easily yet missed out on any donruss.
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    In Progress Cp4142 & Shaunao1983

    Cp gets paypal Shaunao get 2x premiership commemoratives Good?
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    Completed Cp4142 & weflyasone

    Cp gets PayPal Weflyasone gets Rowell DPS All good?
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    For Sale 1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gem Red

    Have another one but it’s staying out for the time being. Neither are graded.