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  • the last card has been sent mate. sorry for the stuff up probably worked out better for you in the end.

    Camo your PM is full so i thought i would give you my details here
    the gem is $8 posted. My paypal is – Please send payment as a gift if possible mate
    i just sent the pics mate sorry for the delay

    couldnt find the usb cord, had dinner homework etc.
    patience is a killer lol. i dont think i need a number 49 mate off the top of my head i think its kewell or cahill which i already have. cant wait....
    Not yet mate...Will message you asap when i get the dubs...No probs mate...Be patient...Already got a dub for you no.49...Do you need it??
    get your box yet, i know i predicted thursday but i cant wait make sure you do a box break on here and send me a pm with your dubss straight away and ill be able to trade you the 2002,3,4 souths team sets
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