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    Panini Photogenic - Thoughts?

    Great photography, hard to hit inserts, dual and rookie autos....ticks a lot of boxes!
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    Jaylen Brown and Robert Williams III

    View: View:
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    The Hobby Hangout Brisbane

    Good show! A lot more gaming and ultra modern NBA than i was expecting, still walked away with a couple of Kobe rookies and some sealed 90s wax so not too bad. Horrible weather, but everyone was friendly and easy to deal with!
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    The Hobby Hangout Melbourne

    Hopefully there's a couple of pieces from the golden era (03-10) to look at and maybe pickup, keen to see what's out there tho. Yeah like the sharing of info, ill wait for the Newcastle Hobby Hangout and put up a stall there, can share some info on the difference between a jersey and patch card...
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    Grant Hill Auction Thread

    That Ultra masterpiece is sick, have you had these in hand? Curious what the Game Jerseys are like in the PSA slab
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    The Hobby Hangout Melbourne

    Good write up mate! Im coming to Brisbane on the Exqusite hunt, so fingers crossed there are some!!
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    COMC - last mail for 2021

    nice mate, those Topps Pristine are a nice designed set!
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    20/21 Prizm Cello Box 🥰

    Nice mate, really like the RWB design this release!
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    Show something off

    Yeah that's why its important to database i think, updated regularly with estimated market prices should give some help if the unthinkable happens, also helps to have a mate in the hobby the family can lean on for help.
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    Show something off

    One of my fav patches, clean cut design View: View:
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    Basketball card you regret selling the most...

    SP Authentic MJ buyback auto /9 not just for the $ but one of my all time favorite set designs
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    Show something off

    Little PSA return :) View:
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    Completed brentus777 / KB.

    agreed thanks mate
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    Completed Brentus777 & drobfan8

    Agreed and sent thanks mate
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    For Sale Luka Revolution RC $150 dlvd + more

    ill take it off your hands mate
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