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    Completed Lippo / brentus777

    Appreciate it mate :)
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    Best Player from every team!

    These are the guys I would watch the game to see play: 76ers: Simmons Blazers: Lillard Bulls: MJ Bucks: Ray Allen Cavs: LBJ Celtics: Larry Clippers: Brand Grizzlies: Heat: LBJ Hawks: Trae Hornets: LJ Jazz: Hayward Knicks: Melo Kings: J-Will Lakers: LBJ Mavs: Luka Magic: Penny Nuggets: Ty...
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    I hope that everyone is ok

    Hope everyone is well and safe, the work from home and self isolation might bring a few guys out of the woodwork (myself included) which should be good for the community :)
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    For Trade Get new cards for $0

    see if theres anything here you like mate:
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    In Progress Brentus777 and jordan_cards_fan

    Brent gets paypal Tony gets Lebron exquisite base and reflections bgs9.5 Sound ok mate?
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    Completed Brentus and lukesicari

    Brentus gets $ Lukesicari gets T.Thompson NT RPA Sound ok mate ?
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    For Sale Update prices lowered! Mid Range Sale: Tatum RC AU, BGS9.5s, and heaps more

    Hi All see below items for sale in AUD, open to offers and discount multiples, postage will be $4 regular single, multiple lots and additional tracking/express will just be at cost. Stockton & Malone Patch /25 $30 Gordon Next Day Auto /100 $35 CJ Prizm Auto /65 $20 Mudiay Immaculate...
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    Team USA VS Australian Boomers Melbourne 2019 official thread.

    Literally sat courtside for 3 separate NBA games and the total is cheaper than the 4K they are asking... no thanks
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    chensanity DONRUSS FOTL BOXES 04/04/18

    Which of the 2012 prizm golds do you have left and $ please
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    First time in a while. Buying Thread. List inside.

    any interest? img096_zps4xbahcql by ffhhcd hfcng, on Flickr IMG_0196 by ffhhcd hfcng, on Flickr
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    Old school Exquisite Prices

    If it makes you feel better the bird/magic hasn't gone too of my favourite all time cards, won't be going anywhere anytime soon
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    Where is everyone going?

    Quality, design and selection go down, price, saturation and scammers go up... people leave...
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    Sam Dekker RPA's

    Not an RPA but I have a luxe rookie auto/5 in my bucket if your interested
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