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  • Hey mate hows things??? Id be hoping to catch up sometime soon if your interested just to look over your cards n have a chat. Whats your work schedual like?
    Hi There Aussiebloke, I See you on here all the time and you seem to know everybody,lol, I was hopeing you could help me with a 2012 Dynasty Black League Leader 14 Souths, i would be eternally greatful if you could and or would help me out, Cheers Greg
    Hey bud.. Your inbox is full..

    I know you have or at least had heaps of signature cards...... Hoping you might still have some..

    Looking for Thurston or Bowen signature redemptions.. Or 2004/2009 Captain signature redemptions?..

    Also wondering what prices you have on all of those...

    PLMK.. Thanks again..
    hey mate just wondering if you still have the 2001 girdler signature card for sale? cheers mate
    I dont owe you any cards i told you i had about 450 and you wanted them. They were sent. I have 5 cards of my own that were nothing to do with our deal and they are mine so but out. If you wanted me to count exactly how many there were you should of done it before purchasing, but you didnt so you have what you have which is roughly what i told you. Stop being a pest to me
    hi aussiebloke
    i have 8 1968 very good condition afl cards will sell or trade for early scanlen south sydney cards
    thanks mick
    G'day Steve,

    Great to have you on the site too.


    P.S Did you still want/need those Signed Captains Cards? I've spoken to my mate and he has the whole lot available. Give me a call when you get a spare moment and we can discuss.
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