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  • Hey mate, just found a whole lotta NBA cards collected from 1990-91 I think, must be hundreds of the things, any idea what they'd be worth or where i could sell them too. There is quite a few Michael Jordans, Anfernee Hardaways and all the big names from back then, also has a few dream team cards as well. Any help would be sick.
    In searching for the border collie stud named "Woodvale" I found your post on this site to another member regarding you "late grandfathers border collie stud ...."
    My husband purchased a female (obviously from your grandfather as it was an elderly gentleman) 12 years ago, we had to put our beloved Jess down just before Xmas :(
    We are wanting to buy a new pup and I was wondering if this stud is still actually operating by your family? There was an ad recently in the Weekly Times with the following number 5629 4258. Is this stud still at Nilma?
    Could you give me any further info? :)

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Thanks, Kate.
    Hi there just wondering do you collect and trade 2008 - 2009 NRL Champion Series Cards? If so would you be keen for a possible trade??

    hey man just wondering if you have any hobby boxes of NBA, NHL, AFL, Cricket, Tennis or A League that you want to sell? I am dealing with EBAY over my account and cannot access my acct at this stage. I am not a dodgy buyer or seller and will pay promptly for any box purchased budgeting up to $70 a box
    Ohh what an ugly colour scheme....Looks way to soft mate!


    Ahhh trolling at its best!

    Well played out and enjoyed every minute with you Lakers fans on the site. you oZ and my bro made it all that much more fun and just like old times.
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