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  • yeah I found a stack of stuff I'd forgotten I had. I might start posting some pics of my pc in the vintage thread I created for people to ask Q's in.
    Yeah sorry I did. So far I've only found complete sets of stuff and no singles of them. Sorry but I'm not going to break up sets or off load them but if I do I'll contact you first. Sorry I forgot to get back to you but at least take note the garage is much cleaner now :-D
    1909 1910 ok thats bout as vintage as your gonna get is that a nba set or is it a universitie one id hate to know how much youve spent i recently got a topps 77 78 set im sure you have the celtics cards from that year hahaha
    Ahhh I have cards going back to 1909 but my basketball starts at 1910. I have all but 5 Celts cards in the vintage era from 1933 to 1989. I'll def get around to searching for them this week.
    no worries i mainly posted a msg incase you forgot and did you have a reconstruction i must say your vintage collections being mentioned a bit latley how vintage do you, go way back im mainly collecting early 90's stuff i get random promo stuff aswell my goal is to have a room thats a "90's card shop inside"just for display
    Nah I haven't. They are most likely buried in boxes in the garage and I've just had knee surgery in the last fortnight and bending picking up boxes isn't on just yet. I might have a good look next week and see what I unshelve. I only keep my Celts vintage and other high end stuff in the house.
    hi mate you havent had a chance to look threw your old stuff for globetrotters cards cnt wait to c what you come up with thanks
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