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Sry about the lack of pictures mate if you give me an idea on what your looking at i can take pics for you

follow the link to ebay and that'll give you an idea of whats there

just didn't sit right taking pictures of 10k cards lol
Hey are you able to send pics of your supernatural cards. Thanks
I think you got me confused with someone else I don’t have supernatural cards
Collecting shiny NBA stuff (optic pinks + PMG's). Also stream very occaisionally various games, mainly hearthstone, wonder boy variants and CSGO when i wanna confirm im garbage :p
Hey Lads just watched a little documentary on ESPN, Cardboard Collector.. This site got a few shout outs on there.. been collecting Nrl cards for a few years.. slowly ticking off my bucket list.. 2 the last ones I’m after were 2008 centenary Arthur Beetson immortals signature and 2009 Darren Lockyer Captain signature.. Does anyone have these cards?? And in some lucky way willing to part wit them for the right price??
Looking to Buy 2020 Elite Emerald Mojo Michael Morgan and/or Scott Drinkwater to complete Elite Set😁
Chasing any Port Power cards #010 or lower preferably #004
Also a 2001 Mathew Primus captain signature series card
Hey Mate, I’m chasing the following Scanlens Cards 1974:
1. Peter Peters, 6.Ian Martin, 7. John Bucknall (depending on Condition?)
8. Bill Hamiltondepending on Condition?)
20.John O’Neill, 59.Fred Jones, 69.John Mayes.
can you help me out with any of these please?
Hi mate,
can you send me some front and back pics of the prizm?
do you have sleeves and top loaders for them?
WTB Rory Sloane Influential & Patrick Cripps influential. Please pm if anyone can help . Located Melbourne but happy to pay shipping $$$$
There is a Patrick Cripps Influential on ebay atm for 1499
Hi mate, what are you wanting to sell?

I use a dude in the states who is 100%. I think people in Oz dont realise how easy it is.
If interested you can hit me up.
I have 27 auctions running with them at the moment so I can show you the full process.

I am considering offering a service here to package up cards for consignment once per week.
Interested in your thoughts.
Really just looking to offload mostly stuff that isn't PC. Like a COMC set up really..
What are you wanting to offload?
I was in the same position and it has worked well for me.
Happy to help
Hi sir,
I’m writing to let u know that the shipping service to Australia is reopen, you u still want that card, we probably can finish the deal here
Hey mate, I have sent a few emails but haven't heard back
I had some sent your OR address via USA ebay seller/ebay global shipping and was hoping that i did the right thing.
They have been sent C/O Ja.au18
i posted a sales thread for the super league mags, could please go in an agree as the mags have arrived and i will close it.
Will do