What's some good games to play?!


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Not sure if there is any desire or need for a thread like this but here goes ....

Fallout 76 - 9/10

Another flawed beauty from Bethesda, I think it goes without saying you usually have to give them 2 years to get the game working and I believe this was no different.
This was released as I was still playing Fallout 4, so to say I was keen was an understatement.
The initial reviews as with most Bethesda games and to be more accurate, a huge cross section of games these days, Just not ready on release.
After watching Fallout tv show, friend of mine talked me into buying and this is a polished, cracker of a game and true to the Fallout franchise.
You can choose to play Private server or in a Multi player environment where you can team up with 3 other people in a group and get bonuses.
PvP is also a choice you can turn on or off as per your preference.
Ripper of a game with a rather large learning curve, be prepared to put at least 20 hours in before you get the hang of it.
Player base is very helpful and make the learning process a lot easier.
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