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gold coast, QLD
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NRL Cards Want Lisst

15 Traders
Album card Galatic: William Zillman

15 power play
Photo Frame
Fan Card
Bag Tag
Wild Card

16 power play
Power plus: 18 Douglas

17 Traders
Album Card Group A Header STA05/18

17 Elite
Titans Emerald Mojo Set

18 Extreme
Parallels: Copley, Elgey
Mini Footy Star: Taylor

18 Elite
League Sensation Black: Jarrod Wallace
Titans Saphire Mojo set

19 Elite
Young gun AJ Brimson (under #10)
League Sensation (under #10)
Case card Proctor & Harris
Patch card Ryan James
Emerald & Diamond Mojo

Arrow, Boyd, Brimson, Gordon, James. Peachey
Arrow, Boyd, Brimson, James. Peachey, Wallace

Wally Lewis cards
1982 Brisbane Rugby league Scanlens no.23 in the set Fortitude Valley
1985 Scanlens Sticker Australia no.162
1985 Scanlens Sticker QLD no.170
1985 Scanlens Sticker QLD no.171
1985 Scanlens Sticker Australia no.173
1985 Scanlens Sticker Australia no.174
1988 Coca Cola no.10 Collect-a-cards Broncos
1989 Stimorol no.151 with Wayne Bennett on Lewis' shoulders
1989 Stimorol no.152 Queensland Embrace card
1989 Coca Cola no.15 Broncos
1989 Coca Cola no.19 Broncos
1990 Fielders no.22 Broncos
1990 Scanlens Brisbane no.26
1991 Dynamic Sticker
1991 Big League Sticker
1992 Scanlens Sticker no.102 Seagulls
1992 Channel Nine News
1994 Dynamic Phantom Card Signed
2000 Channel Nine News card
2010 Wynnum Manly card
2014 Legends Case Card
Any Winfield/Rothmans Cigarette Cards

Flyers/sell sheets/checklists:
2007 champions
2012 Esp limited
2013 Powerplay
2014 Powerplay
Any tazo & telegraph flyers 2007-2013
2015-2019 all ESP

Empty/used packets:
2007 Invincible
2008 Courier Mail
2015 Power Play
2015 Elite
2016 Traders
2016 Power Play
2016 Elite
2019 Glory
2019 Elite
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Hey Troy
Dunno if you still need them mate but I have the following if you do...
15 PowerPlay - Fan Card, Bag Tag
Empty Packs - 15 Elite, 16 Traders, 16 Elite, 19 Glory, 19 Elite
Sell Sheets - 18 Traders, 19 Traders

Let me know mate
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