Pre-draft box break


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It's been a while since I've opened any football products. There's been nothing to chase as far as my 49ers goes. The checklist for rookie class was a TE who was placed on IR the start of the season, and a kicker featured in most of the checklist. The top rookie QBs not having autos left little incentive to open 2023 products.

So I went back to a mega box of 2017 Donruss Optic. I can't think of many products where you get half the contents in rookie cards. Always such a fun time opening.
Starting with the inserts.
The Rated Rookies..
Still such a loaded class. Most have moved on to new teams but still performing..
You're a stronger man than me. I just can't Leaf
Definitely not my choice of word. I was even looking into Wildcard. If I ever come on here talking about Sage, please send help!!
With the lack of Panini autos for the top rookie QBs, might be the same this year. The unlicensed autos seem to hold their value. It's either a Stroud in Texans colours with no logo, or in Streetclothes with UD Champions and Skybox .

I'm chasing the Brock Purdy and Chubba Purdy dual auto
With Topps releasing logoless products during between getting full NBA and NFL licences. Unlicensed might be cool again.
In the interim. Here was my Leaf Metal box. Look away @Iron Clad Lou
Hunter saved that rip. Only name I'm familiar with.
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