NFL Serial Number Count Up Thread


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Yeah, I have been watching and waiting to see when this saga will end.
Whilst I think him holding out like this is bound to cause friction with team mates and definitely will not endear him to the fans. I can understand why he's doing it. It's his livelihood after all, can't blame him for wanting to look after his own interests.
I think the chargers are taking too hard a line with this and are trying to bully a rookie. Some concessions need to be made for top 5 picks, and there is precedent with this issue. Either lose the offset clause from the contract or pay his bonus fee in his actual rookie year (not unreasonable for a top 5 pick, and common practice).
The only reason to have both in the contract is if they think he will be a flop. If that's the case don't pick him at #3
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