Nba 2k16 ps4

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  • What a legend. Beau for president

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  • This game is so last year, Loser.

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  • This idiot is just a like whore

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  • Know the answer but I want cards dummy

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Redcliffe qld
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Ok so thought it might be cool to give this away. Used but plays sweet. I'll pay for postage aswell but all u have to do is answer one Q. 1st person to answer Wins!

Q. Draft night 2013, the bucks picked a massive wild card. Choosing a A lanky ass kid from Greece who plays against 40 year olds.(imagine all that body hair rubbing in ur face). Someone on the Panel said that Giannis' name on the court would be "_____". Who said it and what was his nickname supposed to be?
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