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1994 Futera Australian Olympic Team Base Set (12 cards) for $30.00 plus a free 1994 Futera L1 Craig Johnston Soccer Legend Card.
The 12 cards are as follows:
OR1 Australian Olympic Team Card 454/2000
OR2 Milan Blagojevic Card 1,864/2000
OR3 Domenic Longo 1,399/2000
OR4 Ned Zelic 1,472/2000
OR5 Shaun Murphy 643/2000
OR6 Tony Vidmar 1,755/2000
OR7 Paul Okon 1,224/2000
OR8 George Slifkas 743/2000
OR9 John Markovski 750/2000
OR10 Damian Mori 300/2000
OR11 Carl Veart 1,417/2000
OR12 Mark Bosnich 352/2000

2003 Futera Platinum $10.00 for both cards
09 Harry Kewell Striker card
24 Mark Viduka Striker card

2007/08 A-League Cards: The following 2 cards for $30.00
1) Johnny Warren Tribute card
2) Graham Arnold Socceroos Legends card

2013/14 A-League Triple Threat Cards
1) Tim Cahill 302/420 $40.00
2) Mark Milligan 340/420 $30.00

2015/16 A-League Cards
SH-01 Tim Cahill Sharp Shooters card $20.00

2016/17 A-League Cards
1) SH-01 Tim Cahill Sharp Shooters card $20.00
2) Isaias Joe Marston Medal card $15.00 plus a free Sergio Cirio Sharp Shooters card
3) Besart Berisha Sharp Shooters card $10.00
4) Jamie Maclaren Sharp Shooters card $10.00

A-League Medallist Cards
$15.00 each for Johnny Warren Medal cards and $10.00 each for all other medal cards as follows:
M1 Nick Carle Johnny Warren Medal
M2 Danny Allsopp Golden Boot Award
M3 Ernie Merrick Coach of the Year
M5 Adrian Leijer Rising Star
M2 Joel Griffiths Golden Boot Award
M3 Gary Van Egmond Coach of the Year
M5 Bruce Djite Rising Star Award
M6 Michael Theoklitos Goalkeeper of the Year
A1 Shane Smeltz Johnny Warren Medal
A4 Shane Smeltz Golden Boot Award
M01 Carlos Hernandez Johnny Warren Medal
M02 Tommy Oar Young Footballer of the Year
M03 Eugene Galekovic Goalkeeper of the Year
M04 Archie Thompson Goal of the Year
M06 Marcos Flores Johnny Warren Medal
M11 Thomas Broich Johnny Warren Medal
M15 Besart Berisha Golden Boot
M16 Marco Rojas Johnny Warren Medal

A-League Trading Cards Albums & Base Sets
2006/07 Album and Base Set (1 to 100 cards) $45.00
2007/08 Album & Base Set (1 to 130 cards) $45.00
2008/09 Album & Base Set (1 to 115 cards) $45.00
2009/10 Album & Base Set (1 to 121 cards) $45.00
2013/14 Album & Base Set (1 to 100 cards) $45.00

Postage is $2.00 (except albums) per C5 size padded envelope. Prefer pick-up only for albums & base sets however will post (at cost) if asked.

Let me know.

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