Brendan_B Elite breaks


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Jun 16, 2011
Brisbane, Queensland
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Nice well done, I no he gets dealer cases aswel

Woodridge does. Springwood only received 3 boxes through standard newsagent distribution. There have been plenty of bigger hits from Neesagent boxes this year, I think that by design or not, the dealer cases seem to be less stacked and there is a better spread across the entire release.
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Jun 16, 2011
Brisbane, Queensland
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Well my ridiculous Elite run continued today!

Purchased 4 packets from an overfull box at Sherwood.

Josh Jackson LSB #23/40

Later I broke a box I had won in a competition from the premium member forum on this site.

Gosiewski YG #86/90
Foran Ruby #10/40
Trbojevic Jersey Signature Redemption #35/40

Due to the generosity of this site I will be filling a folder with a base set and a stack of low end inserts from Elite and putting it up as a prize. Look for this in the general section shortly!
Oct 25, 2012
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Picked up my case from Warren earlier today (thanks mate, great service as usual).

I have heard the collation of the numbered hits seems a bit all over the place and I can confirm this somewhat with my break. The results of numbered hits are below. No major hit for me but beat the odds elsewhere.

At this stage, only looking to trade numbered hits for Raiders equivalents.

First impressions are that there are some nice cards, particularly lower end. The signature quality on the LS /90 seems poor with different thickness in pens and some players just not signing well although that is probably beyond TLA's control.

Case Card - Head to Head (HH3) Tolman / Klemmer # 11/61
Spotlight Jersey Redemption Card (SLJ2) James # 25/83
Young Guns Signature (YG15) Keighran # 87/90
League Sensations Signature (LS13) Vaughan # 65/90
League Sensation Signature (LS16) Matulino # 09/90
Young Guns Signature Black (YGB01) Isaako # 20/ 40
Young Guns Signature Black (YGB04) Katoa # 24/40
Young Guns Signature Black (YGB14 / redemption) Radley # 03/40
League Sensations Signature Black (LSB03) Jackson # 38/40
Ruby Mojo (MR003) Gillett # 38/40
Ruby Mojo (MR021) Harawira-Naera # 24/40
Ruby Mojo (MR028) Sharks Logo # 28/40
Ruby Mojo (MR042) James # 39/40
Ruby Mojo (MR058) Croft #29/40
Ruby Mojo (MR077) Martin # 15/40
Ruby Mojo (MR090) Takairangi # 36/40
Ruby Mojo (MR093) Cleary # 29/40
Ruby Mojo (MR119) Cordner # 01/40
Ruby Mojo (MR141) Marsters # 20/40
Sapphire Mojo (MS001) Isaako # 09/20
Sapphire Mojo (MS060) Munster # 09/20
Sapphire Mojo (MS066) Guerra # 06/20
Sapphire Mojo (MS083) Alvaro # 09/20
Sapphire Mojo (MS099) DWZ # 10/20
Sapphire Mojo (MS105) Johnston # 08/20
Brendan, did I get the Takairangi 36, cant remember.

Hayden Higgs

May 19, 2020
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Hayden Higgs
10 loose packets from a Newsagent that has always brought me good luck...good assortment of parallels and speed machines but only a solitary hit, Shannon Boyd ruby.

I was thinking my run is over...

Decided on more box I spied at another local newsagent last week. Was still on the shelf this morning (I even got a discount, $167), great box!

Luke Brooks Mojo Ruby #13
Eels Checklist Mojo Sapphire #04

and hiding in the very last packet... Jake Trbojevic Spotlight Signature redemption #13/40 Jersey Number!!!!
Hey mate, i know it's a long shot but are either of the Eels Checklist or Daniel Alvaro Sapphires still available? They're the last two I need in my set and been digging everywhere! Thanks :)