2023 NRL Elite Official Thread

Have been told these won’t be ready till mid December,
Any rabbits signatures, not signed yet
Pink mojo sets
Golden tickets
Still waiting on most of the 2023 NRLW to be signed and some 2024 Traders are already done 😆
Great to get a look at them so early. But a bit too busy for me, but then I'm old.
Agreed. Not a bad looking card but the focal point of an in card signature should be the signature. All the glitz and glam detracts from that a bit.

Team signatures in Traders this time round?

I believe Titanium are up to $6 per pack / $215 a box.
I received knights and sharks pink mojo sets back, still waiting on raiders set for my golden ticket ? Seen a few other teams already out there
Gosh, that is rather 'busy.'

I think there should be a rule with autographs that the signature is left unobstructed! The autograph should always be the focal part of the card on an auto card.

After all the issues TLA has had with pens over the years, that doesn't look too great either - maybe he had signed a fair few before hand. Not that this will make it into packs with the dog-ears.
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