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Slowly beginning to get some of my set chases scanned in and updated. I knew I had a fair few of these lying around but had lost track of how complete (or incomplete) the set chase was as I haven't added to it in a loooooong time.

As for the set itself there was a massive rookie checklist forming part of the base set from card no. 79 all the way through to card 133. If you;re playing along at home that's a whopping 54 rookies! Cards 79 to 84 were serial numbered /199 with no auto or memorabilia (guys who they likely couldn't sign or have access to). Cards 87 to 93 were rookie autos numbered /899 but for some reason there was no jersey / memorabilia element to it (mostly secodn round picks). Finally there are the the RPAS from card 94 through to 133. Most of the event used patches are quite nice which is what drew me into the set chase to begin with, the downside being the sticker autos. I actually don't mind the non-action posed phot shoot images for rookie cards. The lottery picks are basically numbered /399 with the rest being /599. For some reason Taurean Green is the SP guy with his RPAs being /385.

Without further ado here's how I'm tracking with the RPAs:

Card 94 - Demetris Nichols /599

94 Nichols D #599.jpg

Card 95 - Javaris Crittenton /599

95 Crittenton J #599.jpg

Card 96 Jason Smith /599

96 Smith Ja #599.jpg

Card 97 - Daequan Cook /599

97 Cook D #599.jpg

Card 98 - Jared Dudley /599 (so nice I have it twice - lol)

98 Dudley J #599 (2).jpg

98 Dudley J #599.jpg

Card 99 - Wilson Chandler /599

99 Chandler W #599.jpg

Card 100 - Morris Almond /599

100 Almond M #599.jpg

Card 101 - Aaron Brooks /599

101 Brooks A #599.jpg

Card 102 - Arron Afflalo /599 (TBAcquired)

Card 103 - Alando Tucker /599 (had to upgrade the napkin patch)

103 Tucker A #599 (2).jpg

103 Tucker A #599.jpg

Card 104 - Carl Landry /599

104 Landry C #599.jpg

To be continued in next post.....
Card 105 - Gabe Pruitt /599

105 Pruitt G #599.jpg

Card 106 - Marcus Williams /599 ( Iactually recall having the actual spur as the patch at one point)

106 Williams Marc #599.jpg

Card 107 - Nick Fazekas /599

107 Fazekas N #599.jpg

Card 108 - Glen Davis /599 (TBAcquired)

Card 109 - Jermario Davidson /599

109 Davidson J #599.jpg

Card 110 - Josh 'McBob' McRoberts /599

110 McRoberts J #599.jpg

Card 111 - Herbert Hill /599

111 Hill H #599.jpg

Card 112 - Derrick Byars /599

112 Byars D #599.jpg

Card 113 - Adam Haluska /599

113 Haluska A #599.jpg

Card 114 - Reyshawn Terry /599

114 Terry Re #599.jpg

Card 115 - Jared Jordan /599

115 Jordan Ja #599.jpg

Card 116 - Stephane Lasme /599 (again with the upgraded patch at some point)

116 Lasme S #599.jpg

116 Lasme S #599 (2).jpg

Will round this out in the next post...
Somewhat annoyingly card 117 never doesn't appear to have ever been made...

Card 118 - Aron Gray /599

118 Gray A #599.jpg

Card 119 Taurean Green /385 (another patch upgrade at some point)

119 Green Ta #385.jpg

119 Green Ta #385 (2).jpg

Card 120 - DJ Strawberry / 599 (TBAcquired)

Card 121 - Chris Richard /599 (TB Acquired)

Card 122 - Rodney Stuckey /399

122 Stuckey R #399.jpg

Card 123 - Kevin Durant /399 (pretty sure I told myself I'd acquire this after the hype died down....)

Card 124 - Al Thornton /399

124 Thornton A #399.jpg

Card 125 - Julian Wright /399 (had to get that upgrade, old school Hornets patches ftw!)

125 Wright J #399.jpg

125 Wright J #399 (2).jpg

Card 126 - Sean Williams /399 (TBAcquired)

Card 127 - AL Horford /399 (TBAcquired)

Card 128 - Mike Conley /399

128 Conley M #399.jpg

Card 129 - Jeff Green /399

129 Green J #399.jpg

Card 130 - Corey Brewer /399 (upgrade sorely needed)

130 Brewer C #399.jpg

Card 131 - Joakim Noah /399 (TBAcquired)

Card 132 - Spencer Hawes /399

132 Hawes S #399.jpg

Card 133 - Acie Law IV /399

133 Law A #399.jpg

Thanks for sticking with me this far, this public accountability will no doubt spur on a few more additions in the weeks to come!

Comments and likes always appreciated.


Was 117 meant to be Oden? (Or am I blind).

Will feel great when you nail down that KD.

Oden, Brandan Wright, Yi Jianlian, Swaggy P, Thad Young and Fesenko all had the non auto non-jersey RCs /199 that looked like this:


Sessions, Meija, J Curry, Belinelli and Watkins had autos /899 with no jersey piece and looked like this:


Rudy Fernandez, Tiago Splitter and Petteri Koponen were the first rounders with no card made. From the second rounders with no card there are Stanko Barac, Sun Yue, Marc Gasol, Renaldas Seibutus, Brad Newley, Georgios Printezis and Milovan Rakovic.

No idea who was meant to be #117 but having Marc gasol in the set woudl have been pretty cool. As for the KD I suspect that may be a fair way off....just keeping it real!

So many memories here! Great set and good luck with the KD!

Thanks, think it might take a bit more than good luck though! Don't think I hav eone KD auto so it will be agreat way to nab my first and finsih off this epic set chase.
That Oden image is a cracker! LOL
Looks like he was trippin more than the Trailblazers were on draft night! Even as a rookie he looked like he had been through some sh*t, dude looked like a 40 something crackhead in his rookie shoots.

Durant is gonna be a whopper!
Definitely should have bought it 15 years ago...lol
Wish I knew you had an interest in this set... I have all the rpas and would have been happy to move them all to you !!!!

Good luck on your chase though, they are very cool, nice and chunky patches on most of them. Plus KD in Sonics uni is always cool!
@kiwi_in_melb Great minds think alike mate!

Still not too late! You can move the KD to me and sell the rest for chump change - heh heh

Just out of curioisty what woud you wnat for the set - I can only imagine you have higher quality patches which woudl make it even better to look at. I assume you can also confirm card 117 was never made?
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Goodluck with the chase mate, i had this RPA set back in the day, only kept the KD!
Remember breaking case after case of this stuff in 2009, pretty sure a case was about $5-600 delivered from the US lol!
Goodluck with the chase mate, i had this RPA set back in the day, only kept the KD!
Remember breaking case after case of this stuff in 2009, pretty sure a case was about $5-600 delivered from the US lol!
Godo to see you back postign on the forums mate!

Great instincts to keep the KD - I had my doubts about the lanky 6'10 shooter an was waitign for prices to drop - lol

$600 case and smashing out the KD RPAs - those were the days!
One very small update.... #121 is now with me. It's amazing that most of these patches are pretty good in terms of colours and breaks. Rookei Photo Shoot, to be sure, but I'll take it...

#121 Chris RIchard #/599

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