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    Prizm goodness.

    I never used to be a fan of Prizm and then one day awoke with a great appreciation for it. Congrats.
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    Ebay search question.

    This might be an odd question but i noticed several weeks ago i can no longer set search card attributes by 'autograph' when on ebay. It's like one day the option just vanished. Has anyone else noticed this? Have i accidentally done something so it no longer appears? Any help on this one, it...
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    Patriots fan introduction.

    Hey Muzza, Yeah i collect a few sets it was just easier to post all the impeccable together. I don't buy into team or random breaks anymore, just player breaks on ebay or picking up singles on ebay. I collect, or try to collect Gronkowski but the auto's he has in a set are usually limited to 15...
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    Patriots fan introduction.

    Howdy all. Well it's a bit slow in the NFL forum so i thought i'd finally scan some cards and say hello. I never knew people still collected cards until about 3 years ago i heard a story of someone hitting a Jordan card while watching breaks at work. What the hell were they on about? Then after...