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Howdy all.

Well it's a bit slow in the NFL forum so i thought i'd finally scan some cards and say hello.
I never knew people still collected cards until about 3 years ago i heard a story of someone hitting a Jordan card while watching breaks at work.
What the hell were they on about? Then after looking into it i thought wait that sounds cool i can get into that. It's a little bit of a learning curve getting into it completely new. What sets to look into what players what collection do you want to have, but it was fun and then it was expensive. It was ok at the start with a good Aussie dollar but now it's rough trying to pick up a couple of cards a month and i've had no luck in breaks recently.

Anyway i don't want to post a big wall of text. Just saying g'day and i'll post up some Pats hits.
Just realizing my scans aren't great. Oh well will have to try to scan them again when i have free time.

Adam Vinatieri Impeccable 05-10.jpg
John Hannah Impeccable 07-13.jpg
John Hannah Impeccable 2-5.jpg
Rodney Harrison Impeccable 02-10.jpg
Steve Grogan Impeccable 50-75.jpg
Willie Mcginest Impeccable 36-55.jpg
Mcginest- Vrabel Impeccable 05-10.jpg
Willie Mcginest Impeccable 51-86.jpg
Grogan-Hannah Impeccable 01-15.jpg

Deion Branch Impeccable 73-83.jpg


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Welcome.......they are some great cards.... that AV is a stunning card of one of the greatest kickers of all time!!!


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You've got some real nice cards there Great White but I hope you've sampled some sets other than Impeccable - very expensive and boxes are a massive gamble.
Since Panini got exclusivity they've flooded the market with expensive and sometimes pretty ugly releases. The one or two pack per box releases are ridiculously poor value (unless you jag a 1/1 or a gun player and good luck with that) so you'd be better served buying individual cards on ebay or COMC. Better for one team or player PC's.
I love busting boxes as well so I go for quantity sets like Contenders, Certified, Elite, Prizm, Rookies & Stars for example.
But these prices are getting a bit crazy as well, the prices have gone up coz there's no competition. Contenders this year is likely to start at $US200 (last few years around $US130), Prizm was $150 and used to start around $80. They'll tell you it's a great rookie class (which it is) but there's been a huge increase no matter the draft class.
Anyway, good luck with your collecting. That next big hit is out there for some lucky punter.
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Hey Muzza,

Yeah i collect a few sets it was just easier to post all the impeccable together. I don't buy into team or random breaks anymore, just player breaks on ebay or picking up singles on ebay. I collect, or try to collect Gronkowski but the auto's he has in a set are usually limited to 15 etc which makes them hard to hit in player breaks. Oh well, still fun watching cases get broken every now and then.

Now that i've seen a couple years cards i know what i like and what sets i like to collect. Though i never used to like prizm i actually do now and can appreciate it for what it is. Immaculate is always good and i loved impeccable when it came out and the subsequent years. Most of these new sets coming don't set themselves apart much.

Here are my Panini super bowl hits. Missing the Brady's of course and i've only ever seen two of the Revis one's. The Gronkowski came out in this years Spectra i think it was but haven't managed to save and grab one yet.

Adam Vinatieri Panini XXXVI 032-100.jpg
John Hannah Panini XX 260-500.jpg
Joe Andruzzi Panini XXXVI.jpg
Steve Grogan Panini XX 155-500.jpg
Troy Brown Panini XXXVI.jpg
Danny Woodhead Panini XLVI.jpg
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