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    Mixed sports break

    Forgot... Rivalry complete base set, handful of state of origin, handful of gold. And now the pics....
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    Mixed sports break

    Pay day today so I decided to scratch the wax itch with the following 2 x 2020-21 prizm bk blaster packs 1 x 2020 chronicles nfl fat pack 1 x 2020-21 chronicles soccer multi pack 20 x 2021 tla nrl rivalry packs The results Prizm - lamelo ball rc Cole Anthony instant impact Charles barkley...
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    Collectables insurance

    NRMA will cover collectables. Don't know of any others.
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    For Sale ***Cards for sale- July 3rd 2021***

    Aldridge contenders flashy and patty mills obsidian sold!
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    Best of the average players

    Jeff Green and patty mills as primary pc's. Secondary pc's are Gerald wallace, John wallace, Charlie ward and Mario Bennett.
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    This is why Panini gets bashed so much!

    Think the camby is bad? Try about 120 cards for lamarcus Aldridge - just from 06/07 topps triple threads!!!!
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    This is why Panini gets bashed so much!

    Addendum, I don't think it's so much what panini does or doesn't do as to why they get bashed. I think it's more people aren't getting what they want so they choose to vent blaming a major company for not meeting the needs of the individual. We have to put things into perspective and that's what...
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    This is why Panini gets bashed so much!

    Well, you also have to factor in how many other forums at the time were dominated by "investors". Obviously, we're not going to know the exact numbers, but it would explain why there is a lot of high end stuff around. If, say, the majority of people who responded at the time were investors who...
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    This is why Panini gets bashed so much!

    I remember the initial post from panini both here and at, Matt. So yeah, they asked the whole community.
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    This is why Panini gets bashed so much!

    Yes, panini did ask what we the collectors wanted. That is why they approached all trading card forums. Just because you listed the top things members wanted to see doesn't necessarily mean that all the other forums in the world world wanted the same thing. Panini is...
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    Completed jkidd05 & taffster74

    All good.