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    Cards for sale - Preferred booklets added 06/07 - LBJ

    lebron james gold standard gold nuggets lebron james gold standard gold crown lebron james revolution star gazing Lebron James revolution base sold to me via PM :)
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    Completed Silvertapoutstar & em8e5

    Em8e5 gets paypal I get Lebron gold standard x 2 inserts Lebron revolution x 2 agree
  3. silvertapoutstar

    2 x mj autos

    I remember seeing these on eBay and they didn't pass the auto authentication phase from what I remember. I had a browse through eBay and attached the reason from the auctions if u bought it from someone other the eBay guys then they more then likely lied to u.
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    Completed Silvertapoutstar & Bolli

    Bolli gets Larry Nance & David thompson on card autos 1/1 I get Otto Porter 1/1 & Paypal family friend Agreed
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    Completed Silvertapoutstar & TheCardMan

    cardman gets PayPal I get Jae Crowder RPA Hood select auto Deal
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    Completed Silvertapoutstar & Pacnico

    Pacnico gets PayPal within 24hrs I get MJ Ult Sigs Agreed
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    Wanting to Buy a Michael Jordan bulls Auto

    looking to grab one, any available?
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    Any Tobias Harris Autos

    sprry buddy not collecting much on a break
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    Carlos Boozer Intrigue Auto

    I'll give u $4 gift dlvd, pm me if yes
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    Wanting to Buy a Michael Jordan bulls Auto

    Anyone have one please pm me
  11. silvertapoutstar

    Completed Silvertapoutstar & karlsta26

    Karl sat gets 14 gold rush cards I get PayPal gift Dlvd express Agree
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