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    2020 Official NRL Thread (Spoilers/Rumours/Game Results/Discussions etc.)

    Broncos winning the spoon would make a sh^t 2020 feel just a little bit better.
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    2020 Elite Redemptions

    Looks like Adam Reynolds signed in crayon. Looks a fair bit thicker than the others to my eyes. Ross
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    EBay Seller of the Month

    100% Shill bidding IMO. Bid on 7 Auctions User has 1 retraction here it below. Item relisted here: Feel sorry for the buyers who got sucked into paying a...
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    EBay Seller of the Month

    Wow a nice little earner for the seller.
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    Nathan Cleary hit

    Nice hit, Do you think the fact it is numbered 2 is in someway a subliminal message? 2nd best player in the NRL. Panthers to run 2nd. Congrats Ross
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    2020 Elite STG LST #1

    Thought I'd share a picture of this ripper. (thumb nails out of focus, click to see clearly) Redemption sent last Friday and card received exactly 1 week later, so no worries or concerns with redemption time frames. Cheers Ross
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    The Official TLA Player In Focus Cards Thread

    Received the Rnd 14 McInnes today and it is numbered to #86
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    For Sale/For Trade St George Badges

    Added a few: St George Leagues Club Associate Badges: 1979-80 / 1989-90 Removed a few associate badges I've picked up recently. Cheers Ross
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    Completed David#1 and hobo

    David#1 gets an unopened box of 2008 Centenary and a Folder. hobo gets some PayPal play money as per thread. Cheers Ross
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    Happy fathers day to all dads.

    Be honest, the Broncos winning the wooden spoon would be worth loosing to the Dogs to see it ? Given how disappointing the Dragons season has been I reckon I would be OK with it if it was us............ Ross
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    The Official TLA Player In Focus Cards Thread

    He went so well he needs a rest this week................
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    2020 Elite NRL - UPDATED Checklist Page 41

    Any thoughts on a value for the STG LS Team #1?
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    Happy fathers day to all dads.

    Especially when nearly everything in your want list ranges from $100 - $1000 and sometimes more
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    Happy fathers day to all dads.

    Nearly always in the contest and regularly look like winning until they manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Ross
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