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    Surprised to hear that, he was a very knowledgeable member to this community
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    Secret Santa...2020

    Got a cool PC card, thanks Secret Santa and Merry Christmas to everybody!
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    Third party sellers in Melbourne/sending expensive cards

    I not sure of any consigners who can ship but AusPost does have insurance you could buy and make sure to ship it with tracking. I would take close up photos of the card before i package it. I would also take a photo of the package after its been fully packed too. For an expensive card i would...
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    Secret Santa...2020

    Received mine today but i haven't opened it yet
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    Secret Santa...2020

    Yes, me too
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    Secret Santa...2020

    sounds cool, im in
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    Thats good to hear. I would talk to Ebay chat to see what they say
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    Completed FIFAKing32 and BeauZo

    FIFAKing32 gets cards BeauZo gets $$$ via Paypal Agree?
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    I know what you mean, sometimes it not worth it. Also the fact that they takes a long time to reply is so they could use it as a point to say "hey i've paid X days ago, why haven't you shipped yet? etc. etc. I've heard it all before and it sucks. Best of luck, i hope its not a scam and just an...
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    Tell them to dispute the sale, if they really did pay, they can dispute it, if they didn't pay, you can't dispute it because what's there to dispute? that's how you know for certain because they cannot dispute. Also i recommend if they do end up actually buying, make sure you take a photo/video...
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    Found some FAQ here, You still get paid in full, and eBay manages the rest. Buyers manage their repayments with Afterpay therefore if you haven't got paid, its because they haven't paid Further "Once the order is placed, you'll receive payment for the...
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    You would get a confirmation of payment from EBay, they will tell you when to ship. The fact that they contacted you saying they've made payments is a good indicator something is up. EBay notifies you for everything; when somebody puchases, you get notified, when they pay, you get notified, EBay...
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    Zion Williamson Sneaker Spotlight Auto BGS Graded 8.5 and Graded 10 for the Autogtaph 10

    Checking 130point, they have a history for this card although all are ungraded, sold between $4050 USD and $5650 USD from Sep to Oct. but going further back the price has been higher.
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    Would you consider this card warped or pretty normal?

    Thats pretty normal for chromium cards. It doesn't effect the value. Sometimes you can reduce the bend by putting it in a toploader for a while.