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    Completed jkidd05 & big ticket

    All good mate :) With the change from crown royale to majestic red as per DM. Thanks
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    Cam Reddish RC's

    Hello, Looking for all Cam Reddish RC's. I only have 2 so I'm after everything :) Thanks
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    For Sale NBA Collection Clear Out UPDATE 12/07

    Hey mate, any Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum or Marcus Smart? + any 2019-20 immaculate cards. Cheers mate!
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    2019-20 Panini Immaculate Red /49 Base Cards

    Jayson Tatum found (not in the playoffs though). Bump
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    2022 NBA Playoffs - SPOILERS

    I'm a Western Bulldogs, Cincinatti Bengals and Boston Celtics fan. I. AM. GUTTERED. Such a bad 9 months. I went to game 6 against Miami as well, bloody waste of money! Worst luck. Proud to see the boys go so far though, just a bit raw at the moment
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    spiderman no way home - 10/10. Dark knight has been usurped as best superhero movie ever. Could not ask for anything more
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    Red Sox broke my heart and I know my bengals will tease me again with pretending to be decent then turning into utter crap. I’ve escaped my pain from sport with watching s***ty horror movies
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    @cotchin#9 Not sure if you’ve seen the new tv series. although it’s more appealing to teenagers, I’ve actually really enjoyed the show and it’s getting quite good reception.. Will likely be a second season. + has the main dude from final destination all grown up, makes me feel old despite only...
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    Child’s play - 8/10 Child’s play 2 - 7.5/10 Child’s play 3 - 3.5/10 Bride of chucky - 5/10 Seed of chucky - 3/10 Curse of chucky - 6/10 Cult of chucky - 6.5/10 After the nightmare series (which were a struggle to get through towards the end), I thought why not give Chucky a go. I absolutely...
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    2019-20 Immaculate Red (ROAD TO 100) 33% Complete

    Nice little update. Still a long way to go but nice to finally have some of these in hand! The Gallinari card doesn't seem to want to upload but got that puppy as well. Few more sitting in shipmycards, can't wait to send them home
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    I could see Michael killing Laurie, and Laurie's granddaughter killing Michael. Although it sounds a little cliche.. But I'm excited to see what they have in store. Can someone just cut his head off though, like seriously, nothing else has worked.
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    Saw an interview with Jamie Lee Curtis where she said it's in the contract that you're not allowed to kill Michael Myers. She pitched the idea of Laurie finally killing him in H20 but they wouldn't let her so they met half way and said "what if we make the audience think he's dead", then just...
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    ShipMyCards - USA Address and Shipping Service

    Can someone please talk me through this ship my cards request shipment page like I was 5 years old? Because I'm trying to ship my cards back to Australia and have no idea what to put into the customs value box, I've read through past comments but I'm still confused as I've never done this...
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    Rate the last movie you watched

    It came out on an American streaming service called Peacock, so I may or may not have legally or illegally downloaded or didn’t download it and watched it on the big screen at home. I would have waited for the cinemas but being a Victorian I can’t wait until November :(
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