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    Logan McDonald

    Looking for Gold and Platinum Logan McDonald DPSs..... Have funds ready to go!
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    Completed old-timers & Bennyg

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    For Sale/For Trade 2021 Prestige Inserts TRADE Listing Refreshed

    Hi, I am keen on the Mills but don’t have anything Collingwood to trade. Would you consider selling? Thanks
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    Dominance 2020 (series 2) discussion thread

    I may be wrong, but pretty sure this page aint meant to be stacks on the mill, high school style?
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    For Sale James Worpel Showstopper

    James Worpel Showstopper #67/70 $340 ONO
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    Mills #14

    Hi, Looking for 2016 Rookie Card of Callum Mills #14/240 and 2017 Certified 460 of Callum Mills #14/460. Please let me know if you have these and are looking to sell or even if you aint!
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    SOLD/TRADED Please delete

    Would you negotiate on Florent green parallel?
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    Please delete

    Mate if you are keen to move the Hewett and negotiate on price, please PM me.
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    Thanks gents, Unfortunately paid F&F..... my error.
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    Is there a way to report scammers? Paid for a card two weeks ago, person said they would send Tuesday 28/1. After several messages I received a response last week saying they would send ASAP. I have since sent three messages all which have gone unanswered. Not happy and $100 down the drain...