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    The Official TLA Player In Focus Cards Thread

    If anyone is willing to pick up a Taunoa-Brown and send it to me in NZ after reimbursement I'd really appreciate it. The site only has Australia as a postage option...
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    Completed avonc and nznrl

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    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Looks nice albeit too big again. Some great ideas in there. Seems better than many previous sets by a country mile. Not surprised the box price is so much more. I sold up (actually 'gave' a lot of it away through Ebay fraud, but c'est la vie). Too many cards in the end to keep going. Still...
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    Completed avonc and nznrl

    Agreed, thanks
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    Another Members Giveaway - 2019 Elite

    Like a few others I was lucky enough to win a box of 2019 Elite. My thanks to the site, @graham for looking after me with postage and his workload with these giveaways, and to TLA for the product donation. I haven't watched the box breaks/collation of this series so I was very surprised when...
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    World Nines - IP Hunting

    Hi all. Whilst I don't collect sets of cards anymore, I still collect all Warriors commons and low-end inserts in IP.Unfortunately Sam Tomkins left back to England without playing a home game after 2015 Elite was released, meaning I missed a few of his cards. I need his parallel silver...
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    Completed Avonc & Nznrl

    Avonc gets the following New Zealand Warriors cards: 2016 Elite Ruby set (#002/040) R&GP RTS/SJ (#002/100) 2012 dynasty Mannering LLB (#017/050) 2004 Maggi set of 4 1994 PNG cards x3 (These are in average condition) 2006 Signature Tazo set of 2 2007 Signature Tazo set of 3 Nznrl gets...
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    For Sale IPS Cricket Card Final Clearance 2nd July 2020

    A price for : England - Headley, Mullally WI - Junior Murray, Courtney Browne, Benjamin PIA, Walsh TNL, Ambrose TNL SA - Snell India - Dravid Pakistan - Inzi/Sohail PIA, Waqar TNL Cheers
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    Completed Colesy & nzrl

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    For Sale IPS Cricket Card Final Clearance 2nd July 2020

    Late to the party. Anything still for sale here?
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    Completed Chopper_con & nznrl

    Agreed Thanks, Ryan
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    AusRam's Non Sport Maildays...

    My definition of decent is anything in the top 30 of a 140 hit break. Especially when all bar say 15 of them are pretty uninspiring! Nice on the Bond. A bit of an unknown product at this stage, which is scary when Upper Deck is concerned. I'm a big fan of Jeffrey Wright from his work in...
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    AusRam's Non Sport Maildays...

    Star Trek was very nice! Congrats on some pretty decent spots in the Inflexions break.
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    For Sale Rugby Union - Licensed Sigs x 47, IPs, Inserts - All Blacks and Wallabies * Pic Heavy

    Hi Paul. This thread is 4 and a half years old. I'm pretty sure I have sold most of what is here. I'll have a look in the weekend and show pics of anything I have left (probably 4-5 signatures at most).
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