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    For Sale Prizm Silver/Colour Rookies + More

    1. Jaren Jackson Jr Silver Prizm - $100 including delivery. Prizm Silver - $5 each Prizm RWB $5 each Okogie $10 Fast Break Rookies - $2 each Keita Bates-Diop - Bronze /20 $30 Andrew Wiggins- Blue /35 $20 Spectra - $2 each other than AD Green which is $10.
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    Collins, Isaac &Tatum Prizm RC

    Have fast break Zac Collins RC
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    Optic Base

    Also looking for any Optic Base or variants for the big rookies in the last 2 classes; ie: Luka Trae MPJ JJJ Fox Mitchell Etc
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    Joel Embiid + KAT Rookie Cards

    Hi Guys, Hoping someone has some Joel Embiid and KAT Prizm Rookie Cards. Let me know. Cheers
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    Completed Double11 and CardFund

    Double11 will send 3x Donovan Mitchell Prizm Rookies Cardfund will send $$$ Do you agree?
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    WCJ and Donovan Mitchell

    Got some Donovan Prizm Rookie Base if interested.
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    For Sale Assorted Rookie Cards

    PJ Washington /18 - Contenders Draft Picks Offers accepted. Trae Young - Fast Break Luck of the Lottery $10 Andrew Wiggins - Contenders Optic /35 $20 Jaren Jackson Jr 2x Phenoms 2x Emergent $2 each Jaren Jackson Jr Obsidian Blue /99 $10 Random Fast Break Rookies $1 each
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    Rookie Cards

    Only looking for Prizm yes. Also include Marvin Bagley and shai
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    Rookie Cards

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    Rookie Cards

    Looking for Prizm Rookie Cards of the following names; Happy for just base prizm doesn't need to be numbered but keen on both options. - Bradley Beal - KAT - Kristpas - Ben Simmons - Devin Booker - D-Lo Russell - Luka - Jaren Jackson Jr - Michael Porter Jr. - Wendell Carter Jr. - Anfernee...
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    For Sale Patrick Mahomes - Panini VIP Cracked Ice /99

    Hi All, Looking to sell 2019 Panini National VIP Gold Pack Patrick Mahomes II Purple Cracked Ice 51/99. Got it from a gold pack and don't collect NFL. Looking for $40.
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