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    Retro scoring king Michael Jordan

    How much ?
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    For Sale NBA stuff

    It amazing how your opinion can insult my intelligence. Majority like to use the current Beckett and some prefer to use eBay as a reference. If this was your item which it’s not, you can do what ever you like with it. Michael Jordan comes in various lo hi products. Thanks for looking.
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    For Sale NBA stuff

    Yes, I do have other offers around that dollar mark. The exquisite product somuch nicer and harder to get. This card is #/7 population 1.
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    For Sale NBA stuff

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    For Sale NBA stuff

    Cards on offer are shipped from com.c, Nameplated from my inventory management Acc. Retro power in the key $300 Retro BMOC $300 Steven Adams RC $200 Lebron James scoring king $105 Anthony Davis auto $125 Drexler greats $SOLD Michael Jordan auto $1000 Shipping TBA
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    Retro scoring king Michael Jordan

    Wanted retro scoring king of Michael Jordan !
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    Wanted 1993 ultra scoring kings in Bgs 9 or better.

    Players Shaquille O'Neal, Pactrick Ewing and Larry Johnson. Will look at other options. Sets raw or near completed sets. Thanks
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    Jordan mid-high end inserts

    Slam cam pending how much is it?
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    Been preoccupied in the past year, looking to get involved.

    Been preoccupied in the past year, looking to get involved.
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    Wanted Retro scoring king Michael jordan

    Looking for a jordan scoring king.. hit me up. Thanks in advance
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    90s Insert sets

    By any chance u may have 97-98 topps stadium truimvirate members only version? I'm looking for Scottie Pippen and Dennis rodman ... These will help complete my almost completed set...
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    90s Insert sets

    Hi, I'm pretty much looking for 93 scoring king of Pactrick Ewing/larry Johnson/ and shaq that's graded bgs 9 or better. I not looking for anything particular but insert sets with mj wool be worth a look if u like to share some pics?
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    Wanted ... 1997-98 stadium triumvirate

    Shipping is to New Zealand in advance.
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