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Do you still have the Blakey for trade for the Smith, i may be able to get a Smith from a mate.
Cheers Aaron
Hi Carter,

I have updated the post now. Let me know what other questions you've got, thanks mate.

Hey Rob.

1stly do you have a photo/s of the jersey, i would love to see them. The more photos the better, particularly the clothing tags as well.

Regards Steve
I will have 131A 131B 144B for trade if they're still of interest to you. I'm just receiving these from someone else in a trade and they're spares.
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Hey Mate,
Yeah sounds great. Let me know when you get them.
mail day. what number is tom rogic preferred and how much
Juric Preferred is 9/10 Jersey number, asking $110 shipped domestic registered
Getting excited for Elite 19 release - can’t wait to get my hands on CNK Signature cards this year
G'Day Charles I won KAT Pacific Marquee from you on ebay if you could please send me an updated invoice.
Charles Way
Charles Way
Absolutely mate, will do now
Thanks for that mate, most appreciated.
Charles Way
Charles Way
Posted yesterday bro, thanks for the deal :)
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