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Hi Mate,
I'll grab the following if they are still available-
2017 traders- Clear toon#6
Club Hero- #12,19,30,
STR - #2,5x2,9,10,11,13,14,18,19x2,23x2,24,26,28x2,29
PP- #1,3,6,7,9x2,11,13,17,19,20,21,28,29,41,42x2,48x2,50,52,54

2017 Elite #43 Moylan

2014 Elite silver #34

2011 championship Rookie #5,43,47

I do have a single series 2 Galgrease #65 (I have all the ones you want but as part of full sets, sorry). I’m really only chasing special cards from his other series if you have any.
Almost finished my quest to complete all my old sets. Please see my ‘wants’ lists especially for league and non-sports
Hi Geoff , If you still have Jason Castagna 242 is their anything below in my list you would like to trade with?

Thanx.. Hano
hey mate, prob really only interested in the crouch platinum. u still need and of the silver's , reds, impacts, strike etc. for tigers and pies? Or could organise a bit of cash aswell. what's ur value on the crouch?
hi dude..sorry for the late reply and i didnt realise i commented on your profile.. lol .. sorry for that.. ill send you an inbox message ..cheerz Hano
sorry buddy , i havent been on the site for ages i have forgot how to inbox message .I don't really want to handle money for this type of stuff but for the matt crouch i will happily trade if you can get your hands on any Tigers Platinum Predictor card . sorry for that
Hi Alex
Hope you have been well . It’s been a while . Just enquiring about the India vs Pakistan set . What year were they produced an are the cards like Aussie produced cards in size an thickness
Cheers Paul
Hi Paul

Yes all good thanks. Hope you are too.
The India v Pakistan set has already gone I’m afraid. They were about 2005 I think and are on thinner card stock than the Aussie ones.
Thanks Alex
Hey Dale, I know it's a very old post, but just wondering if you still have any cazaly sigs? Thanks Anthony
i dont have heaps but heres what i got
1979 SCANLENS NRL trading cards
#117 peter sterling
1990 STIMOROL NRL rugby league cards
#3 gary belcher
#7 glenn lazarus
#8 mal meninga
#10 steve walters
#100 peter sterling dont know what year it doesnt have a year on the card
1992 REGINA NRL trading cards
#144 bradley clyde
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