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Hi Mate,
I'll take the following thanks,

2011 championship Rookie #5,43,47
2012 limited parallel #47
2017 Elite E43 Moylan
2017 Traders PUZZLES #7,9x2,20,28x2,29,41,42,48x2,50
C/Hero #12,19,30
STR #5,19,23x2,28

Hi 2all,I'm look'n 2buy a 2018 team coach magic wild card no#06 freemantle dockers. anybody who can help me,pls inbox any info need2 purchase any, I can't find any 4sale online anywhere.Anybody who can help me find a freemantle dockers magic wild Team-Coach2018.Id appreciate any info that 2assest me 2buy 1or2 being sold. (Cheers 2evrybodies help they had given me;•)
Looking for 1994-95 Topps Finest Test Refractors and Topps Stadium Club Wheel Spinners. Have lots of mid 90's high end stuff to trade
Hi Clay,

Looking at your 2015-16 A-League cards.

Would be keen for:
Rising Star 7
Sharp Shooter 5 & 6
Signature 3

Kind regards,
Hi Mate

Got the cards.Thanks. have you seen any signature cards? Just need to chase those down
I have a few but no spares at the moment. I have a case to break at home so may get a few more
Hey saints. Do you want the tazo I have that you need?
do you have anything else, do you have any thing rugby league related, it is a little bit expensive to trade 1 tazo, I hundeds of different types of cards as well, bit hard to drive to Adelaide to trade.
Dave. 04076134060
Yes mate, you can send to
David coates
2 eatts st
Sa 5202

Let me know your addy and i will send yours .
got the tazo, thanks heaps, Dave.
G'day Steve, if you ever want to discuss selling your 2018 Prizm WC Mathew Leckie Black 1/1 base card please contact me. It's the only card I'm missing to complete my first ever rainbow and I reckon this might be my best shot at ever completing one. The blacks rarely come up for sale plus it's also difficult to find the Gold Power /5 cards.


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