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Hi Harry a guy has the platinum 1996 hall of fame full set in the questions section i will try and put up a link. i would get onto him asap to se if he wants to sell or split. @David#1
Thanks . I do have an Gold Numbered unsigned spare card .It is the same card only not signed . There is 4cards only also . Bill .

I sent a request to join in your FB PSA submission, however I sent it without completing it. My username here is the same as my FB. I hope you accept me. I am a member long time ago and have been in a 10yr hiatus since 2010. I just came back recently in the hobby just a few weeks ago and is planning to get my cards graded.

Hi mate. If you haven't been accepted, just resubmit and I'll accept this time.
Working towards the Raiders collection and has been a good start to 2020 - now to run hard at past years
Check my freebies ad champ
Hey mate,

Thanks for the message, looks like you've got enough interest there! Don't worry about me :)

Much appreciated though!
Hey there interested in kerigan but not at 60 I got black no 2 for that so probably 35 let me know cheers
Interested in your Pippen cards mate. Can i get more pictures. and price for all paypal goods and service. I am from canberra but more than happy for you to post
Hey mate,
I have a ton of Dante's.......I don't really have time right now to go through them , but if you are available next weekend we can do some sort of email correspondence and see if you are keen for any.
literally have about 50 graded rc's, plus about 100 other's :)
email is :
I have lots but do want to sell All as one. I don't want to sell bit by bit as I have We had a stall back in the day
Looking to sell a Jeremy Cameron sSect Certified Footy’s Finest. Mint. If interested please pm me.
Hey guys got some new cards 4 yas all out of my starting of the 2020 season starter packs if your interested------ T Trbojevic 07/18 but heres the kicker its card no 053/100 , T Trbojevic 07/18 Limited edition in to 500 , T Harris STG 17/18 Limited in edition to 370 and ST 15/18 Camerin McInnes Acetate card Make us an offer if interested
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