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Hi all,

to complete my ALIAS collection I'm still looking for the following auto & costume cards:

*UPDATE: January 6th*

Alias Season 1:
A3 Victor Garber
A4 Bradley Cooper
A5 Merrin Dungey
A6 Lindsay Crouse
PW1 Jennifer Garner latex dress
PW2 Jennifer Garner metal dress
PW3 Jennifer Garner beaded hat

Alias Season 2:
A14 Amy Irving
A16 Rutger Hauer
A18 Terry O'Quinn
PW1 Jennifer Garner cowboy hat
PW2 Jennifer Garner cowboy shirt
PW3 Jennifer Garner cowboy pants
PW5 Lina Olin jacket
PW6 Lina Olin pants
PW7 Lina Olin top
PW8 Victor Garber jacket
PW9 Michael Vartan cameo shirt
PW10 Michael Vartan cameo pants

Alias Season 3:
A20 Melissa George
A23 David Carradine
A30 Peggy Lipton
PW1 Jennifer Garner dress
PW2 Michael Vartan pants

Alias Season 4:
A34 Sonia Braga
A37 Izabella Scorupco
ATS Ron Rifkin & Joel Grey
PW2 Jennifer Garner top
PW3 Mia Maestro t-shirt
PW5 Carl Lumbly hospital gown

If you have any of the cards listed above, please drop me a line. Thanks a lot in advance :thumbsup:
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