SOLD/TRADED Where is Luka&Trae??? 2018/19 Panini Hoops Hobby Box;Status Jumbo Box;Status Hanger Box



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Jun 1, 2020
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What supupupupupupup!

Here are some great boxes (for the sake of chasing Luka and Trae!

2018/19 Panini Hoops Basketball Hobby Box ($470 each)
Each Box contains Two Autographs and 24 Inserts/Parallels Per Box, on average!
HOT SIGNATURES: Look for autographs from the NBA's best and brightest stars!
COURTSIDE: Hoops continues to deliver some of the most dynamic photography in the industry today! Look for plenty of open designs and stunning photography!
ROOKIE INK: Find autographs that feature the 2018-19 NBA rookie class!

2018/19 Panini Status Basketball 12-Pack Jumbo Box ($450 each)
Look for Jumbo Box Retail Exclusive Aqua Parallels!
Chase Luka Doncic Rookie Cards and Autos!
12 Packs Per Box | 15 Cards Per Pack

2018/19 Panini Status Basketball 30ct Hanger Box ($70 each)
Look for Hanger Box Exclusive Orange Parallels!
Chase Luka Doncic Rookie Cards and Autos!
30 Cards Per Hanger Box

PM me if you're interested in them.

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