Whats some good TV shows to watch?

ESCAPING TWIN FLAMES (Netflix) 3 part doco, it never ends with the amount of people who are so easily fooled into believing these 'spiritual' scams... decent 6/10*
SLY (Netflix) Been waiting for this and was rapped it was very well done with some great early career footage-( wish it went longer and more time was spent on his Fail movies.) It's mainly sly going through his career and looking back. Man's got such a strong will to himself and his career shows that..Stallone is the man !!! 8/10*
I have been watching a show on YouTube called Chasing Cardboard. I really enjoyed the episodes that I,'ve seen so far.If anyone else has seen the show, tell me what you think.🙂
yep, I watch and enjoy
the production and quality to the episodes are top notch (obviously they drop some coin into there channel)
Easy to watch and enjoy the vintage baseball cards they find along the way.
I absolutely loved Ted Lasso, probably my all time favourite show. Just finished the first season of Silo, it was ok but I was hoping it would be better. I’ll still watch the second season when it comes out. Into the second season of Sex Education right now, bloody hilarious, love it.
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