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Thanks for your patience today - this upgrade has been in the works for months and today was as good a day as any to get it done.

I'll update this thread later with more info, and I still have some tweaking to do but it is mostly done.

Please post here if you have any issues and I will work to get them resolved ASAP.

Things improved here
- Newer, faster, more modern forum system
- Search is more improved, can search pretty much anything and it will work
- Likes system better intergrated
- Tapatalk works better for iphone/ipad/android etc
- Downvote system allows members to down vote rubbish/spam threads and they will get removed from public view for us to action
- Better admin/moderator system where we have an online list of all reported threads and can see what has been actioned. Previously we got emails and had to remember to action them.
- Most images are being served by a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which should speed up the forum
- PMs are now conversations and all sent and received messages are in the same thread. Like email or online messaging. Can't be changed sorry.

Things that work
- Most links from the old forum are redirected to the same thread here.
- updated all YouTube video links and they should now display in the forum.

Things missing from the old forum
- Any old likes you gave or received - GOOOONNNE
- Blogs are gone also

What you need to do ...
- Update your signature (some signatures will be broken)
- Update time zone in profile
- Update your avatar
- Start posting

Problems I need to fix

- Twitter auto post is currently not operational, this will be resolved with twitterfeed *This is resolved - sort of - currently only feeding some threads to Twitter*

- Adding back some sidebars on front page with latest posts and latest likes etc *Latest posts sidebar now added*

- look at tweaking background colours between posts to help view better *Awaiting feedback* have made a border around posts, will see if this has helped.

- permissions for want list forum to allow edits and deletes *RESOLVED*

- permissions for deleting conversations *RESOLVED* - you can now click "Leave Conversation" to delete messages. There is now functionality to mass mark as read, mark as unread and bulk leave/delete.*

- investigate possibility to search conversations

- investigate leaving feedback issue reported in this thread *KNOWN ISSUE* Anyone can leave feedback for the deal thread starter, but for the deal thread starter to be able to leave feedback for the other person, it can't happen if thread checking is turned on. As a workaround we've disabled thread checking so you don't have to specify a thread when leaving feedback. Please do this until the issue is resolved. **FEEDBACK SYSTEM UPGRADED - ISSUE GONE**

- some users reporting errors "enter valid message" when trying to post. It appears it might be a browser issue. Please try another browser and let me know what browser you are using (name and version please) Appears to be an issue with IE7 ?? *AWAITING FEEDBACK*

- add back the ebay links at the top of the page to support OZCT *RESOLVED*

- change background colour to differentiate sticky threads *RESOLVED*

- look at making the attachments display nicer in posts

- add hide bbcode to hide images in posts

Errors to be reported elsewhere
- Tapatalk app crashes when trying to open an inline image from photobucket in a conversation. *To be resolved in new Tapatalk release due out soon*



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Nice job Graham, I guess you have to do a big upgrade every now and then to justify that 6 figure salary they pay you here for being gatekeeper :hearts:


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Looks good G. Just a couple of questions... What are trophy points? And the alert section?


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I Don't Mind, I quite Like it, But Maybe the Background can be changed from white otherwise No Problems!:)
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